Jus Loos Product Range

With an extensive range of mobile toilets available for hire, we will gladly help you find the perfect option. Our team is dedicated to working around your schedule and requirements. Give us a call for assistance regarding our products or simply see them below .

Mobile toilets

Portable toilets are the best solution for short term events where proper restroom facilities aren't available, or are under renovation. With a fast and efficient service, we will timeously deliver the toilets to the address provided. Dependent on the duration of your event, we also offer a “pump-out” service to ensure the toilets are always clean and ready to use.
Non-Flush Toilets
Our most basic toilet range uses environmentally friendly chemicals which are also safe for your health as the fragrances are mild.
Non-flush features:
  • Rationally moulded plastic skit
  • 230ltr waste tank
  • Contains a toilet seat and cover
  • Has a urinal inside
  • Enough space to move comfortably
  • Supplied with two sets of toilet paper
  • Suitable for an event or a construction site
Length  1.19m
Width  1.09m
Height  2.27 m   (of roof)
Weight  73.03 kg
Tank  227 ltr
Flushing Mobile Toilets
The flushing toilet range we have is simple and convenient to use, taking mobile toilets to the next level. We do not use as many chemicals in this range as we use in our non flushing toilet range. Our spacious, comfortable toilets will make your guests feel right at home.

Flush Features;
  • Foot peddle system, preventing the spread of harmful bacteria between users,
  • Maximised ventilation
  • Anti-slip flooring for your safety,
  • Internal mirror,
  • Translucent roof for optimum internal lighting,
  • Most suitable for construction sites and small events,
Length  1.19m
Width  1.10m
Height  2.31 m   (of roof)
Tank  227 ltr
Our 3 Station Urinal is the perfect accessory to a portable toilet for any construction site or event. It assists in reducing queuing times and can easily be lifted to higher levels.The 3 Station Urinal has a 270 Litre capacity tank and is ideal for sporting events.
VIP Units
Our luxurious units are the perfect sanitation solution for premium events. They are highly specialised. Amongst the features is a hand wash basin, a sealed tank that keeps the effluent concealed and hidden from the sight of the users. What sets this unit apart from the rest is its foot pump flushing function which helps prevent germ transfers from hand to hand.
VIP Unit Features:
  • Internal basin and hand towel dispenser
  • Advanced sealed tank, hiding evidence of proceeding uses
  • Foot pump flushing system preventing spread of bacteria between users
  • Innovative ventilation system
  • Translucent roof for optimal lighting
  • Ideal for any premium event
Paraplegic Units
As a non- discriminative business we aim to ensure all possible users of our products are catered for accordingly.
  • Wide doors;
  • Lower toilet seats, allowing easier access from a wheelchair;
  • Handrails to assist with movement if required;
  • Flush or non-flush options available;
  • Spacious interior;
  • Suitable for ANY event.
Length  1.57m
Width  1.57m
Height  2.31 m   (of roof)
Weight  108 kg
Luxury VIP Trailer Units
The VIP trailer unit offers users a truly luxurious, “at home” experience.
  • Ceramic toilet and basin
  • Windows for natural light as well as boosted ventilation
  • Soap dispenser
  • Hand towel dispenser
  • Fully lit interior
  • Advanced waste tank
  • Innovative ventilation system
  • Foot pump flushing system, preventing spread of bacteria between users
  • Translucent roof for optimal lighting
Hand Wash Stations
An absolute essential at any event!
  • Various sizes available
  • Running water, either preheated or cold available
  • Flush or non-flush systems available
  • User-friendly design for people of all ages and abilities
  • Suitable for all events regardless of time frame
  • Mainly used for events
Width 67 cm
Height 1.57 m
Depth  54 cm
Poly John Non-Flush Toilets

PolyJohn Non -flush

  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Maximised ventilation;
  • Anti-slip flooring for your safety;
  • Interior mirror;
  • Translucent roof for optimal interior lighting.
  • Most suitable for concerts, other events and construction sites.
Length  1.19m
Width  1.10m
Height  2.27 m   (of roof)
Weight  73.03 kg
Tank  227 ltr

Mobile Coldrooms

Mobile coldrooms
20151026_104931Warm beverages and defrosted food items are a thing of the past with our mobile coldrooms.

  • It is a quick, easy and convenient solution for refrigerated storage of foods and drinks
  • Great for events, outdoor catering and farmers markets
  • Is based on a single axis
  • Maximum load 500 kg to 750kg
  • Consists of steel shelving and meat rail as standard
  • A lockable hinged door with safety release mechanism
  • Perfect for events where food is served or sold
  • Works off an electric plug

Mobile fencing and flooring

Mobile Flooring
Our mobile flooring service is the zenith of our top quality mobile solutions. Regardless of budget, location, size and theme of your event we have the perfect flooring solution for you.
Best For:
  • Weddings
  • Expos
  • Gala Dinners
  • Mobile Fencing
    With versatile uses our mobile fencing can be used in multiple areas at your next event, demarcating VIP areas, food courts, general boundary lines etc.

    • Quick and economical for construction site and large outdoor events;
    • Quick installation and removal;
    • No digging necessary and no damage to pavement;
    • Easy to move around and stack to create more space.

    Additional services

    Pump Outs
    It is crucial to have your septic tank emptied on a regular basis to prevent build up and the growth of harmful bacteria. We offer a full pump out as an additional service to our clients. Our fully trained staff will ensure your tanks are emptied when required giving you additional peace of mind while your enjoy your event.
  • Fully trained staff
  • Provide security as well as assistance to those that may require it
  • The best service for comfort and relaxation of enjoying your event without any set backs
  • Janitorial services
    Reduce the stress of running your event by allowing our trained staff to ensure all Jusloos products remain impeccably clean and stocked (soap dispensers etc.) for the duration of your function.
    • Fully trained staff
    • Provide security as well as assistance to those that may require it
    • The best services we can offer through our Jus Loos team providing you with the comfort and relaxation of enjoying your event without any set backs