The Essential Toilet Hire Checklist For Events


Spring has finally arrived, and that only means one thing here in South Africa; wedding season! Many people are opting for outdoor weddings, and with that comes the need to organise proper cooking and sanitation facilities. That’s where Jus Loos comes into the picture. We offer a range of mobile/portable toilets that can be rented for events. Our sanitation units are of a high quality and our service is of an even higher quality. When looking to hire toilets for your next event, consider adding these items to your checklist, and you will not have to deal with having to find mobile toilets at the last minute, or even worse; staging an outdoor event without toilets at all.


The number of people attending the event.

This will help you determine how many toilets you will need. There is nothing more inconveniencing than not having enough toilets at an event. Guests will certainly remember that.

Safety and security

Consider the safety of the area where you are looking to have the toilets delivered. Ensure that you choose as secure area, as the toilets usually have to be left outside overnight. If the area is not safe, consider organising extra security or make arrangements with the supplier.

Ask what things comes standard with the toilets

You will need toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizers and air freshener. Ask your supplier/vendor if they are supplying those or if you need to supply your own. Toilets without those essentials are useless, as people will be less likely to use them, or they won’t use them for too long.

Will the toilets be serviced throughout the event?

If you are having a big event, it would be wise to find out if the toilets will be tended to during the vent, especially if the event is set to last for the entire day. Find out if the supplier offers this as a value added service or if you have to pay for it separately.

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